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The new Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches provide smart, simple, and secure networking for customers with up to 250 employees. This new series of Layer 2-managed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches offers nonblocking, wire-speed performance. This provides a secure network foundation optimized for data, wireless, and IP communications.

There is no Command Line Interface (CLI) on the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches. These switches are managed either through the embedded device manager, with the Cisco Network Assistant, or with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management applications.

The Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches have this range of products:

  • Cisco Catalyst Express 500-24TT: Part Number: WS-CE500-24TT
  • Cisco Catalyst Express 500-24LC: Part Number: WS-CE500-24LC
  • Cisco Catalyst Express 500-24PC: Part Number: WS-CE500-24PC
  • Cisco Catalyst Express 500G-12TC: Part Number: WS-CE500G-12TC

Software for these fixed configuration switches is available from Software Downloads. A CCO account is required to view this page.

From the Software Downloads page, perform these steps to download the appropriate software:

  1. Click on Switch Software.
  2. Click on LAN Switches.
  3. Click on Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches and then on the Cisco Catalyst Express switch on which you want to upgrade the Cisco IOS .

Once the new Cisco IOS version is downloaded, perform these steps to update the switch:

  1. Open up the switch management GUI.
  2. Click on Software Upgrade.
  3. On the Software Upgrade screen, click on Browse and select the tar file downloaded from the Cisco web site.
  4. Click on Upgrade.

Note: Wait for the upgrade process to complete. Do not use or close the browser session with the device manager, and do not access the device manager from another browser session.

When the upgrade process completes, a success message appears, and the switch automatically restarts. It can take a few minutes for the switch to restart with the new software. Verify that the latest software version on the switch appears in the Software field in the Switch Information area of the dashboard.

For more information on the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches, refer to the User Guide for the Catalyst Express 500 Switches.

If the Cisco IOS upgrade fails, refer to the Troubleshoot a Failed Software Upgrade section of the User Guide for the Catalyst Express 500 Switches.

Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches Q&A

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