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Maximize Application Performance and Bandwidth Efficiency with WAN Optimization

Discover how WAN optimization can enable you to maximize branch application performance and minimize bandwidth consumption.

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Live webcast May 27, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time

Today’s enterprises are becoming more and more decentralized. Meanwhile, branch and remote users are relying increasingly on high-bandwidth applications such as video or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions as well as mobile devices. In addition, the sheer amount of data traffic traversing the network continues to grow exponentially. These trends are putting tremendous pressures on the typical WAN, often leading to congestion and saturation of network links and slow application response for end users.

Throwing more bandwidth at this problem is usually not a viable solution for two reasons: (1) Bandwidth is relatively expensive and, with most IT organizations’ WAN budgets flat at best, it is often not an option anyway. (2) Adding bandwidth will not actually improve the performance of many applications, especially those delivered with HTTP.

Tune in to this live, 60-minute webcast, the next in our hybrid WAN series, and discover how WAN optimization can help you overcome these challenges. Learn how a two-step strategy that reduces application bandwidth consumption and makes more efficient use of your remaining bandwidth can help you achieve seemingly conflicting business and IT goals.

Discover why HTTP is the new TCP and the unique challenges this creates for identifying and prioritizing network applications. Find out how to determine if your applications and data traffic will benefit from compression. See the real-world advantages that a Cisco customer enjoyed by employing Cisco WAAS and Akamai content caching solutions. Explore WAN optimization best practices that can help you:
  • Improve the end-user experience in your branch offices
  • Reduce your WAN bandwidth requirements
  • Simplify your branch office footprint by consolidating servers and services
  • Accelerate your data center consolidation, virtualization, and automation initiatives

Live Q&A Included

You can also get your WAN optimization questions answered during the webcast. Find out how you can improve application performance for your branch users while actually reducing your bandwidth requirements.


Topics to be discussed include:
  • Short recap of the hybrid WAN webcast series
  • Trends in the enterprise:
    • Growth in application traffic driven by mobile and cloud is making HTTP the new TCP
    • Bandwidth demands are increasing
    • Application performance is suffering
  • Challenges:
    • WAN cost increases not sustainable
    • Lack of visibility into traffic flows
    • Inability to secure encrypted applications
  • How can WAN optimization help?
    • Bandwidth conservation
    • Types of applications that can be optimized over the WAN:
      • Traditional versus emerging business applications (WAAS)
      • Web and mobile (Akamai)
      • What can and cannot be compressed and how it works
  • Cisco customer case study
  • Summary and key takeaways
  • Q&A
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