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For many years, Prime Infrastructure has been the key management platform and solution of choice for the campus and branches across industries. However, if we want to truly embrace Intent-Based networking, we need to start considering the migration from Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA Center to drive tangible IT and business results. Cisco DNA Center is the network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based network. 


  1. You have Root or Super Users access privileges of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  2. You have access credentials of Cisco DNA Center.
  3. You use Cisco Prime Infrastructure version 3.7 and above which is compatible with Cisco DNA Center versions mentioned in the Compatibility Matrix table.

Cisco Prime Combability Matrix:

4. Prime Infrastructure 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 are all EOS now. If your Prime Infrastructure version is 3.7.1, 3.8.1, or 3.9.1, please update to "Update 02" from the following URL: 

Prime Version

UBF Download Link from





Overall Workflow/Steps

  1. Understanding Cisco DNA Center

Learn about Cisco DNA center capabilities, extent of Prime parity, and differentiated use cases compared to Prime.

YouTube - Cisco DNA Center:

Cisco DNA Center Community Resources:

  1. Install and run PDART Tool

The Cisco PDART (Cisco Prime Infrastructure Cisco DNA Center Assessment & Readiness Tool) analyzes a Cisco Prime Infrastructure deployment and assesses whether Cisco DNA Center supports the current deployment.

PDART Tool summarizes the deployment in a PDF report and performs certain health checks, without affecting any of the devices. The PDF is autogenerated by the tool and summarizes all the checks. No sensitive information is captured.

PDART Tool can be executed via the UI using this method. The PDART executable is part of a patch file (UBF or the Updated Bundle File) that needs to be downloaded from, uploaded to your Prime Instance, and then installed. 

PDART Tool can also be installed using CLI of Prime. Please visit this page for detailed steps: Link

For detailed information and steps:

YouTube - Install/run PDART :

Guide: How to install and run PDART Tool on Cisco Prime Infrastructure?

YouTube - Analyze PDART Report:

Latest PDART UBF (3.10.4): PI 3.10 DNA Center Assessment and Readiness Update 04

  1. Prepare for Data Migration

Follow recommendations from PDART report. If required, upgrade Prime Infrastructure to version 3.5 or later, upgrade Cisco DNA Center appliance, optimize network hierarchy, etc. Before you use the Prime Data Migration Tool, you must ensure that you run the Cisco DNA Center AURA command-line tool. The AURA tool performs a variety of health, scale, and upgrade readiness checks for the Cisco DNA Center and the rest of the Fabric network. AURA ensures that Cisco DNA Center and its component services are all healthy and available before you start a migration.

For more information on using Cisco DNA Center AURA tool, see Enhanced Visibility into the Cisco DNA Center using AURA.

  1. Initiate Data Migration

Use Prime Data Migration Tool (PDMT) or co-existence tool within Prime to easily and securely port your network from Prime to DNAC. When using the Data Migration Tool (co-existence tool), data is sent from Prime to DNA Center, but not from DNA Center to Prime. This means that the network hierarchy, maps, and devices will remain unchanged in Prime Infrastructure, even if changes are made within Cisco DNA Center. 

For detailed information and steps:

YouTube - End-to-End Migration:

Guide: End to End Migration from Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA Center

To learn how to co-exist between Cisco Prime and Cisco DNA Center:

  1. Complete Data Migration

Verify on DNAC that the necessary network elements, sites, maps, templates, and credentials have been ported from Prime. 

For detailed information and steps:

YouTube - End-to-End Migration:

Guide: End to End Migration from Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA Center

  1. Adopt Cisco DNA Center

DNAC offers superior automation, greater visibility, complete with AI-driven analytics that helps keep your network healthy and reduce your operational expenditure

YouTube - Cisco DNA Center:

YouTube - Identity Service Engine (ISE):

YouTube - SD-Access:

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