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Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP):  Protocol used by routers to dynamically discover the MAC address of other routers and hosts connected to an NBMA network. These systems then can communicate directly without requiring traffic to use an intermediate hop, increasing performance in ATM, Frame Relay, SMDS, and X.25 environments.  Also used in DMVPN and Tunnel networks.


Complete Definition:

A protocol to assist in routing decision by remote peers. Each remote peer registers it network/hosts in the NHRP server and that routing information can be leverage in the routing from remote to remote peers networks.



  • RFC 2332 NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)
  • RFC 2333 NHRP Protocol Applicability Statement
  • RFC 2335 A Distributed NHRP Service Using SCSP
  • RFC 2336 Classical IP to NHRP Transition
  • RFC 2520 NHRP with Mobile NHCs
  • RFC 2583 Guidelines for Next Hop Client (NHC) Developers
  • RFC 2603 ILMI-Based Server Discovery for NHRP
  • RFC 2677 Definitions of Managed Objects for the NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)
  • RFC 2735 NHRP Support for Virtual Private Networks


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