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The card in a fixed hardware configuration Cat chassis functions improperly, not online.

Core issue

Problems occur when either the system status LEDs indicate a problem, the ports are not recognized or show faulty status, or when users are experiencing poor performance. The LED status on each port indicates whether the ports are functioning correctly. Some fixed hardware configuration chassis support modular Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs). If these ports are improperly installed in the switch, it does not function.


  1. To resolve fixed hardware configuration Catalyst chassis issues, perform these steps:
  2. Capture the output of the show version command.
  3. Determine if the software version you are running supports this module. Refer to the Cisco IOS  Software section of the Software Advisor for assistance. For Catalyst OS (CatOS), refer to the CatOS Supported Hardware section.
  4. Determine if the status is faulty for that port (port LED) or the chassis itself (system LED).
  5. Remove any GBIC ports and inspect them for bent pins.
  6. Reseat the GBIC ports carefully. If the port status is still faulty, try them in another port.

In some cases, a badly-seated GBIC can cause symptoms that appear to be a hardware failure. It may cause traffic corruption on the backplane, which might result in various problems occurring in the Catalyst chassis. Reseating all the GBICs can resolve this and allow the self tests to pass. 

More Information

show version

To display information about the currently loaded software along with hardware and device information, use the show version command in user EXEC, privileged EXEC, or diagnostic mode.

show version

Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers
show version [rp-slot] [installed [user-interface] | provisioned | running]

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Routers
show version [epld slot]

Syntax Description



Specifies the software of the RP in a specific RP slot of a Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router. Options include:

r0—the RP in RP slot 0.

r1—the RP in RP slot 1.

rp active—the active RP.

rp standby—the standby RP.

installedSpecifies information on the software installed on the RP
user-interfaceSpecifies information on the files related to the user-interface.
provisionedSpecifies information on the software files that are provisioned.
runningSpecifies information on the files currently running.
epld slot(Optional) Specifies the software of the EPLD slot of a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Router.



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