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Level 10
Level 10

Core issue

This message means that, due to a software error, a VLAN timer is detected as active when it should have been inactive, or was detected inactive when it should have been active.

These tracebacks can be seen sometimes when these conditions occur:

  1. There is no Domain Name on the switches.

  2. There is a VTP password mismatch.

This problem is also identified as per Cisco bug ID CSCdk70408.

According to this bug, when the configuration of VTP pruning mode changes (through the Command Line Interface [CLI], SNMP, or received VTP advertisements), this message is displayed sometimes. This message does not affect switch operation


Verify these VTP configurations with the Show VTP {counters | Status} command:

  • Check if VTP domain is configured on this switch and other connected switches.
  • Check that the switches in the VTP domain have the same VTP password.
  • Check that all switches run the same VTP version.

Note: VTP domain name and VTP passwords are case sensitive.

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