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Core Issue

The tftpdnld ROM Monitor (ROMmon) recovery procedure must be done in a specific way in order to work properly. Inputting the commands with incorrect syntax or variables causes the procedure to fail.


If the tftpdnld ROMmon command recovery procedure fails, verify that the following conditions are met:

  • The TFTP server is running.
  • The Cisco IOS file is in the root directory of the TFTP server.
  • The filesize of the Cisco IOS image being uploaded is correct.
  • If using Cisco TFTP Server 1.1, deselect the two check boxes in View > Options for logging and file transfer progress.
  • If possible, connect directly to the PC running the TFTP server with a crossover cable.
  • The file being uploaded is compatible with hardware and memory requirements.
  • If the router has two built-in Ethernet or fast Ethernet interfaces, always use the first interface (usually 0/0). You must use the built-in interface. For example, if a Cisco 1700 series router has a WIC-1ENET card installed, the tftpdnld ROMmon command does not work with that card.
  • All variable commands must be upper case. The variable itself is case sensitive as in the case of a filename, as shown in the following example:
  • TFTP_FILE= must be upper case and c2600-i-mz.120-7.T.bin is case sensitive.
  • The DEFAULT_GATEWAY= address should not be the same address as the IP_ADDRESS= variable. This causes the process to fail. Set the DEFAULT_GATEWAY= variable to the address of the TFTP server.

The following example shows how to perform a tftpdnld ROMmon command recovery procedure with a TFTP server at the address, a subnet mask, and a filename of c2600-is-mz.120-7.T.bin.:

rommon 16 > IP_ADDRESS=
!--- This is the temporary IP address assigned to the router.
rommon 17 > IP_SUBNET_MASK=
!--- Same as on the TFTP server.
rommon 18 > DEFAULT_GATEWAY=
!--- Use the IP address of the TFTP server.
rommon 19 > TFTP_SERVER=
!--- TFTP server's IP address.
rommon 20 > TFTP_FILE=c2600-is-mz.120-7.T.bin
!--- Exact name is case sensitive.
rommon 21 > TFTP_CHECKSUM=0
!--- This prevents checksum errors with earlier 2600 boot ROMs.
rommon 22 > tftpdnld 
!--- This command must be lower case.


           TFTP_FILE: c2600-is-mz.120-7.T.bin

     Invoke this command for disaster recovery only.
     WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!
     Do you wish to continue? y/n:  [n]:  y

     Receiving c2600-is-mz.120-7.T.bin from !!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!
     File reception completed.
     Copying file c2600-is-mz.120-7.T to flash.
     Erasing flash at 0x607c0000
     program flash location 0x60440000
     rommon 22 >reset

For additional information on the tftpdnld ROMmon command recovery procedure, refer to How to Download a Software Image to a Cisco 2600 via TFTP Using the tftpdnld ROMmon Command.

Problem Type

TFTP Issues

Error message received

When Problem Occurs

During software upgrade

Platform Type

Cisco 1700 Series

Cisco 1800 Series

Cisco 2800 and 3800 series

Cisco 2600 Series

Cisco 800 Series

Error Messages and Warnings

%Error copying tftp

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Community Member

thanks for the help. this page helped me a bunch. thank you Cisco.

Community Member

This helped me out so much, thanks guys!

Irfan Alam

Downloading Cisco iOS via TFTP server ………… Rommon mode

Issue command set to check what commands have already been assigned.

Follow the steps below…

rommon 1 > [mode prompt looks like]


IP_ADDRESS= [IP Address of router interface]


DEFAULT_GATEWAY= [Does not need to assigned in PC]

TFTP_SERVER= [IP Address of PC LAN card with above subnet mask and without gateway]

TFTP_FILE=c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T9.bin [copy-paste the address of iOS image]

TFTP_CHECKSUM=0 [Optional]

tftpdnld [enter]


It will start downloading iOS image from TFTP Server root directory.

Make sure TFTP server services are started.

After It completed all task issue reset command, router will restart and begin with newly installed iOS image………….

Note: All commands are case sensitive.

walter baziuk


tftpdnld -r [enter]


if therw is NO FALSH card or

you do NOT want the image copied to the FLASH card

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