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Level 10
Level 10

Core issue

When trying to connect, the user receives Unable to connect message from within the Create Community window. When the user tries the Discover option, the status shows Connection Failed.


Check the minimum system requirements for the CNA version installed. Refer to these documents:

Check the connectivity by pinging. If you cannot ping the IP address of the switch, perform these steps:

  • 1) Issue the show ip interface brief command to check that the interface VLAN with IP address is up/up.       
  • 2) From this command output, verify that the port you are connected to is up/up as well.

If any of them are up, then enter this interface and issue the shutdown command, followed by the  no shutdown command.

Issue the show ip interface brief command. Both should be up/up this time. If the port is still showing down/down status, then check the cable or replace it with a good straight-through cable. As an alternative, connect the PC into a different port, in case the port is faulty.

If you are able to ping the switch but still cannot access it through the CNA,  choose Connect To in the Connect window, and enter the IP address of the switch in the area next to Connect To. (The IP address of the interface VLAN that is up/up in the output of the show ip interface brief command). With this, you should be able to access it ,and a new window displays a little drawing of a switch.

If you are now unable to access the switch thorugh the CNA, but you are able to ping it, upgrade the software version of your switch to the latest maintenance release.

For further assistance and support, please open a case with Cisco Technical Support.

Device connected to switch


Connected to same switch or different switches

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