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Travis Williams
Community Member

Mujeeb Ahmed, Sysnet, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Cisco IOS version 12.4(4)T introduced the much awaited Skype classification in NBAR. Now, with simple policy you can block Skype in much the same way as you used to block kazza, limewire, and other p2p applications.


NBAR configuration to drop Skype packets

class "map match" any p2p
match protocol skype

policy "map block" p2p
class p2p

int FastEthernet0
description PIX "facing interface service"
policy "input block" p2p

If you are unsure about the bandwidth-eating applications being used in your organization, you can access the interface connected to the Internet and configure using the following command:

"ip nbar protocol-discovery"

This will enable nbar discovery on your router.

If you use the following command:

"show ip nbar protocol-discovery stats bit-rate top-n 10"

It will show you the top 10 bandwidth-eating applications being used by the users. Now, you will be able to block/restrict traffic with appropriate QoS policy.

You can also use "ip nbar port-map" command to look for the protocol or protocol name using a port number or numbers other than the well-known Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)-assigned) port numbers.

Usage as per Cisco:

"ip nbar port-map protocol-name [tcp | udp] port-number"

Up to 16 ports can be specified with the above command. Port number values can range from 0 to 65535.

New PDLMs may have to be loaded to match more recent versions of some protocols.

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thanks for the information - well done!

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