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Julie Burruss
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This article appears in the July issue of the TS Newsletter. Subscribe now to have it delivered to you each month...


This is Julie, editor of the TS Newsletter.  And I admit it, I like games. Board games, card games, crossword puzzles (which I rarely finish), the Jumble in the Sunday newspaper,,, all kinds. I have a Mensa puzzle desk calendar (I am NOT in Mensa, nor should I be.)  Mostly I like games that tax my brain, because games that are challenging make me feel smart when I finish them.  And YES, I do play games at work sometimes, because it's like hitting Refresh on my brain after doing some particularly monotonous work. 

Other than the games on Cisco Learning Network's Games Arcade page, do YOU have logic games that you play to jump start your brain and get the electricity flowing again?

Here is a list of my favorites.  If you have favorites, add them to the comments section below, and I'll publish a list in a future issue of the TS Newsletter.


Note: I take no blame if you get fired for playing games during business hours...


  • Ten Pair - I have no idea how old this game is, but I just discovered it recently.  It is equally easy and maddening. I could play this for hours, even though it's pretty clear early on that I probably won't win.  I have beaten it maybe a dozen times. If you have a trick for beating it, I would love to hear from you.
  • Netwalk - This may not be fun for you, because it may be too close to what you do for a living, but I like it for a change of pace (usually after I finally quit Ten Pair). Besides completing the objective, you can play for the shortest time or number of moves.
  • Just Words - I am a writer, and I like word games most of all.  This is an online version of Scrabble that I play daily on my lunch hour. It takes about 15 minutes. I play the Expert level, and I can beat it about 1/10 times. I warn you though, the computer plays a LOT of questionable words in my opinion. (There is a Report Cheating button that I use often.) Here's a hint... if you play the Expert level, it's not about big words, it's about any words that score big points (like Qi and Za).
  • - The Merriam-Webster site has a great list of word games. There is a Game of the Day that rotates through 4 different games (I like Dictionary Devil), plus a long list of other word games. From this list, I really like Scrabble Sprint.  Usually I play it until I reach 500+ points.  Sometimes I never make it...


That's my list... have you played any of these?  Do you have anything to add?  What game apps do you have on your smart phone?  Add your recommendations to the comments section below, or send them to me directly... I could use some more options.


Play on!




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