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Announcing NSO vBranch Core Function Pack v1.4.0

Cisco Employee

Please be advised that the vBranch 1.4.0 release is now available on CCO under Network Services Orchestrator 4.7. 


The NSO vBranch CFP provides automation for Software Defined Branch (SD-Branch). It enables creation and management of VNF (Cisco and 3rd party) instances on devices running Cisco NFVIS, e.g. the ENCS and CSP services


This release includes the following features:

  • Supports NFVIS 3.9.1, as well as continuing support for 3.8.x and 3.6 x
  • User can specify unique VM name when deploying a VM
  • Allow user to Disable/Enable monitoring of the VM
  • New CSP platform is supported (running NFVIS)
  • Multiple day0 pushes through PNP
  • NFVIS reboot action support from vBranch
  • ENCS firmware update on demand support from vBranch
  • Factory reset enhancement over NETCONF

Critical Enhancements made for customers are:

  • NFVIS NETSIM enhancements and documentation
  • Support use case for 3rd party VNF in NETSIM if NED is not present
  • Enhanced the disabled port forwarding
  • Enhanced service discovery for VNF