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How to kick and action with action-parameters?

Inside of a scheduler, I can pass action parameters. I have used this with success.

samuel.coome@nso-hq-1(config)# scheduler task TEST ?
Possible completions:
  action-name          The action to be invoked.
  action-node          When the task is triggered, the 'action-name' action is invoked on the 'action-node' instance.
  action-params        Action parameters in XML format.

Inside of a kicker, there is no option for action-params.

admin@e9106f6f56c0(config)# kickers data-kicker TEST ?
Possible completions:
  action-name  kick-node  monitor  priority  serializer  trigger-expr  trigger-type  variable  <cr>

I was trying to make a mock example, but can't figure out how to pass the action-name parameters.

admin@e9106f6f56c0(config)# kickers data-kicker bulk-exec-platform monitor /devices/device/platform/model kick-node /devices/device[name='gns3-ospf-csr0'] action-name bulk-exec ?
Possible completions:
  priority  serializer  trigger-expr  trigger-type  variable  <cr>

Specially, I need to set the mode and command input for my self made action called `bulk-exec`:

admin@e9106f6f56c0(config)# devices device gns3-ospf-csr0 bulk-exec ?
Possible completions:
  command          Command line to test
  from-file        Enter path to file, your working directory is your home dir by default
  max-threads      Max number of concurrent connections
  outformat        Output format
  safe-mode        Disable command safety checks if you know the magic word
  timeout          Timeout for this action to run (in seconds), 86400 seconds = 1 day


From the YANG, it looks as though variable and value are not for the action-name, but for the context of when the monitor path is installed and when the trigger expression is evaluated.

list variable {
        key "name";
        tailf:validate data-kicker {
          tailf:dependency ".";
          "A list of variable bindings that will be part of the
           context when the monitor path expression is installed, and when
           the trigger expression is evaluated.";
        leaf name {
          type string;
            "The name of the variable.";
        leaf value {
          type "yang:xpath1.0";
          mandatory true;
            "An XPath expression that will be the value of variable
             'name'. The expression is only evaluated when used in the
             monitor or trigger expression, and then it will have the
             same context as that expression.

             Note that both expressions and path expressions are
             allowed, which implies that literals must be quoted.";

Is it possible to pass action-params to a kicker?

Cisco Employee

This is a missing feature in both kickers and bulk-exec. It would be great if you request it via your Cisco rep.

A work-around is to create an action that takes the key-value pairs and translate them into your real target action. So, the kicker triggers an action that triggers another action.


Okay, so that is a limitation of kickers.