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Hello !!!The NED from Cisco has yang models, but the yang models sometime not reflects to of device configurations all.Example: The NED to Nokia SR-7750 some not has all contents with a version used by equipment, I have a yang models (split and compi...

Hi, In a junos device, you can use "deactivate" to disable a given configuration leaf. NSO handles "deactivate" by adding the XML attribute "inactive".   I can do this in CLI but how can I do it in python?   Thanks, Roque   CLI output:   admin@ncs(co...

rogaglia by Cisco Employee
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Hi,packages package NAME redeploy we all know this one.I would like to augment CLI to add more options where redeploy is.Tried the plug-and-play command scripting but I can't figure out how to daisy chain command and params together in correct hierar...

u.avsec by Beginner
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Hello,I developed an NSO service to configure a keychains on CiscoXR router "CiscoXR 7.4.2 version". NED is not allowing me to send the keystring as cleartext.'''<keychain><chain-name>{chain_name}</chain-name><keys><key><key-id>1</key-id><key-string>...

emilgamal by Beginner
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