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Links to NETCONF and YANG tutorials and documentation



This document gathers various NetConf and Yang tutorials and information.

Note that to find all content on the NSO Developer Hub tagged with "yang", please click here and to find on the NSO Developer Hub tagged with "netconf", please click here.


  • Business Case for NetConf and Yang: A white paepr explaining the business case for NETCONF and Yang along with market drivers
  • Yang Tools: A resource repository for yang Tools as part of the opendayligt project.
  • NetConf Central: This is the definite locations for information, Tools, and Resources related to NetConf and Yang.
  • TOSCAandYang: A deeper dive into the complementary nature of TOSCA, NETCONF, and Yang.

NETCONF / YANG Tutorials



  • An Architecture for Network Management Using NETCONF and YANG RFC 6244
  • Describing strengths and limitations of SNMP forming base for the need of NETCONF RFC 3535



NETCONF Protocol Extensions

NETCONF 1.0 (obsolete)


  • The YANG 1.1 Data Modeling Language RFC 7950
  • YANG - A Data Modeling Language for the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) RFC 6020
  • Guidelines for YANG module authors RFC 6087
  • The YANG to DSDL mapping RFC 6110
  • The SMIv2 to YANG mapping RFC 6643

Core Yang Data Models

  • Common YANG data types RFC 6991
  • YANG module for NETCONF monitoring RFC 6022
  • NETCONF Base Notifications RFC 6470
  • NETCONF Access Control Model RFC 6536
  • A YANG Data Model for Interface Management RFC 7223
  • IANA Interface Type YANG Module RFC 7224
  • A YANG Data Model for IP Management RFC 7277
  • A YANG Data Model for System Management RFC 7317
  • A YANG Data Model for SNMP Configuration RFC 7407

Other Yang-related Documents

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This is a useful set of links, thanks for putting it up. Two suggestions:

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Hello Carl,

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Title changed based on recommendation and GitHub link added.

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Agreed, a good set of links. Under Introduction I would like to see RFC 3535, describing strengths and limitations of SNMP forming base for the need of NETCONF.

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Thank you Lars. RFC 3535 is now added to the document.

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The following link as referenced above is no longer valid:

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