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installing two NSO's versions 4.7 and 5.x in the same VM and do the communication to one ESC ?

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Level 1


i'm working on a usecase to test a communication between two versions of NSOs installed in the same VM with one ESC which is installed in another VM.


First question : is it possible to install two NSO on the same VM without crashing the config of the first ?

Second question :  is it possible to change the communication port between one NSO and the ESC, and let the other NSO with the standard port configuration ? will this work ?


thnk you for help



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, it is possible for local installs but not system installs. For testing and lab use you can always use local installs. By modifying ncs.conf you can run multiple NSO instances on the same machine. For an example of this see  22-layered-service-architecture in the examples collection that starts three NSO instances on different ports.


Not sure what you mean with the ESC though. You generally should only have a single NSO controlling a particular ESC.

thank you for this fast response,


Actionly, i'm testing the new release of NSO 5.x but i don't have another VM to test for the moment. so i try to exploit my VM to do the test without crashing the existing configuration.


i'm working on NFV architecture for a 4G mobile network (NSO, ESC, OpenStack, vPC-DI)


I will check your example and return to you.


But what about the NFVO communication port ?

If you are using SOL003 that is a problem, and you'd have to talk to your contact in the BU. If you use the NETCONF based protocol it should just work. Either way, having multiple masters on the ESC is tricky.

What are the compatible ports for communication between the second NSO and ESC  ?