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NSO Upgrade path from 4.2.3 to 5.x


I want to upgrade my Cisco NSO which is in 4.2.3 version to a 5.3 version. I have been looking for the upgrade path that I need to take but I didn't find any information. Is there any Cisco tools that can give me this information or can someone please give me the upgrade path.

Thanks in advance.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The CDM migration documentation [0] states that upgrades from
NSO releases 4.x.* to 5.*, where x>= 5, are supported.

The change of internal representation for leaf-lists was also a
big change which needs to be taken into account. [1]
The recommendation is to upgrade to NSO 4.5.* where the
internal representation changed, and then upgrade to 5.* from
there. (Note that manual work might be needed when upgrading
to NSO 4.5.)

There are however many changes and fixes for leaf-lists
after the NSO 4.5 release. See previous discussion for more
information. [2]

Thus, a supported upgrade path would be:

4.2.3 -> 4.[5,6,7].* -> 5.3

However, with support from the reasoning above, I would
recommend the following upgrade path:

4.2.3 -> 4.5.* -> 4.7.* -> 5.3



[1] ENG-15312 has details of the change of internal leaf-list representation.


Thank you for your reply perander.

Are we talking here about NED or NSO migration ? Because as far as I have understand these two things are two completly seperated things.


Per described NSO migration. 

Depending on which versions of NEDs you have you may or may not need to migrate them to later versions. 

If you have fairly new NEDs you can probably build them for 4.5, 4.7 and 5.3. I would recommend that you upgrade the NEDs to latest version while on NSO 4.5/4.7 and then continue with the NSO migration to 5.3. 


The NSO migration path is a subject that will be touched in Developer Days (in September this year) 




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