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PEAP Module download?

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I'm looking for an installer for the PEAP Module 1.1.6 - I can't find it anywhere on the web or on the Cisco website. We use Cisco PEAP at work and the standard Microsoft driver isn't working correctly here. No one in IT seems to know where to get it as it's installed on our standard PC images. I need this for an embedded PC that can't support the standard image.

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Level 1

Same issue here, i've noticed that some wireless driver embeded the PEAP module and some not. On windows 8.1 it is something we have notice.

Purpose is to not use a 3rd party supplicant like anyconnect and use the windows client to authenticated with PEAP EAP(inner code GTC). in the drop list for WPA2/enterprise ..see CISCO PEAP and not MS_CHAPV2

This package/module should be accessible for download somwhere on cisco site!!!

The download is included in the Surface tools from the Microsoft website:
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