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Regarding Packet Tracer requiring log-in frequency

Hello all,

First off, I'm loving Packet Tracer for solidifying my networking skills.

That being said...

Most (if not all) standard applications support a "remember log-in" function. I'm the only local user of my computer, as most people are in their personal environment. It's extremely frustrating to have to re-enter my password every time I start up Packet Tracer when I'm ready to study. It's even worse when I move between my desktop and laptop, and back, as I have to login 3 times in a day sometimes (alternative being leaving PC on all day)

Am I the only one with this sentiment? If not, where is the best place for this to get visibility for the appropriate dev team to consider adding this extremely common feature?

Getting confronted with this everytime I start up my workstation is a time-sink, especially when using a password manager, as most security conscious individuals are these days...


Deepak Kumar
VIP Advocate


The "remember Log-in" option is not avaiable in the PT yet. 

Deepak Kumar,
Don't forget to vote and accept the solution if this comment will help you!

Alright. I see someone mentioned they used to only have to login once a week or so. This is a common feature of any application, even security-sensitive applications such as Email apps, Outlook, Brokerage clients, etc.

Do you know the best place I can provide feedback to the NetAcademy team, or whoever is best to bring notice to for this nearly essential feature?

Martin L
VIP Advocate


Yes, I agree, this needs to be fixed; it was fine before One ID merger.   Before PT somehow remember your login for a week or about, but not now.  it might be a Net Academy system that needs to be updated.

Let's hope it fixed soon.


Regards, ML
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Ok. Glad I'm not the only one. I would think this would be a fairly high priority as it's a huge annoyance everytime. I'm trying to find the best place to submit feedback other than the forums.

Before PT somehow remembered your login for a week or about, but not now.

This would make my studying so much smoother. Sometimes I move from my desktop to laptop on-the-go, and have to log in over and over, back and forth.

If anyone knows of the best place to bring attention to this to be considered by the NetAcademy team, please let me know.