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Creating GCC/DCN


We are building out a new DWDM ring with the 4x10GE Enhanced Crossponder.  My question is how do we establish a communications channel between the nodes when we have all our fibers connected.  I went to provisioning --> Comm Channels and created a GCC link with the Trunk ports as the source but we're still unable to establish any communications between the nodes.  What am I missing?

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Alexei Kiritchenko
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you have OSCM cards in the nodes? If so, create first in OSC channels between the nodes for the net discovery.


No we don't have OSCM cards in the nodes.  Crossponder cards only.  That's what is confusing me a little is how/if a GCC link can be created with just crossponder cards.

May you describe me your topology in details (may attach screenshots from the nodes’ view and the net view)? I’d like to understand how the cards are going to be connected between the nodes.

Do you already have couple of nodes connected?

With the enabled trunks, do you have the trunk ports green?

When GCC is enabled on the nodes, what alarms do you see on them?



Sorry, I'm not on site today.  Basically the crossponder trunk ports connect to MD-40 patch pannels A and B.  One goes east and the other goes west.  We currently only have fiber connected between 3 nodes and we're trying to build the GCC link so we can see and communicate with them from the main site.  We do not have ROADMs in this network.  There are some Pre-amps and DCUs at a couple of sites.  This is pretty straight forward for the most part.  We have MD-40 patch pannels at each location with a 15454 that houses the crossponder card and pre-amp if needed.  We are going to have two rings total, one for data and another for video.  I hope this helps.

Hello Charles,

Have you tried to follow the procedure and create the DCN extention?



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