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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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Hello there,   i am trying to simulate a connection of  two routers cisco 2911 routers in packet tracer with optical fiber however i get an error message, " The cable cannot be connected to that port" , what could be the problem or procedure on using...

packet4737 by Beginner
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1. A label of an SFP is as below:Cloudtron SFP-1G-1490-24dB-DIs the wavelength 1490 nm used for both transmitting and receiving?And since there is only one wavelength on the label, is this a Grey (standard) transceiver compared to a xWDM? 2. a CDWM S...

echipbk12 by Beginner
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For an upcoming project our vendor has recommended us the "SFP-10G-SR-S" instead of "SFP-10G-SR". It seems that the "SFP-10G-SR-S" is a cheaper option.   Technically I do not see any major difference between the "SFP-10G-SR-S" and "SFP-10G-SR". Both ...

Hello Colleagues,I have some question from the deep past. We have such situation where we need to relocate couple old 4506-E switches with Sup6L-E onboard. Today we have in use twingig convertors and regulars GLC-SX-MMD for MM but in the new place w...

zumbi by Beginner
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