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ONS15454 MSTP Software

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I am trying to load the latest software release I can onto an ONS15454 MSTP node with TCC2's installed, I can load REL 9.01 OK but when I select REL 9.02 or no compatible nodes show up, anyone know why that is before I dive into the documentation?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


When you try to do a SW download and no compatible nodes show up it is usually an indication that you have the wrong SW package.  The available SW release packages are MSPP-SONET, MSPP-SDH and MSTP/DWDM.

If you have MSPP SONET nodes and try to download a MSPP SDH package you will see not see any "compatible nodes".  In addition beginning in SW release 9.2 the package was split into MSPP and MSTP.  If you have MSPP-SONET nodes and try and download a MSTP SW package (or vice-versa) you will not see any "compatible nodes".

If you have the correct SW release and still have this problem try closing CTC, clearing cache and re-launching CTC.

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Thanks, its an MSTP DWDM node and I am trying to install the ons15454.DWDM.K9.R9203.pkg which I downloaded from the same branch as the 9.01 pkg, I already tried clearing the CTC cache and I am running JAVA1.6.

I'ved had this before where the software was for the incorrect node type but this software is located in the MSTP branch and has DWDM in the filename so it certainly looks right.

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