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Provision Error on Fan-Out-Groups Deletion

CPT600 running with CTCR95. 

There are 3 FOGs,

Group ID 39 - FOG39 - Ten GE Port 1 of Slot2 PTM-4 card and Ten GE Port 2 of Slot2 PTM-4 card

Group ID 37 - FOG37 - Ten GE Port 1 of Slot4 PTF-4 card and Ten GE Port 2 of Slot4 PTF-4 card

Group ID 38 - FOG38 - Ten GE Port 1 of Slot5 PTF-4 card and Ten GE Port 2 of Slot5 PTF-4 card


No problem on Edit, but it showed Provision Error when deleting of FOG



Did you refresh the view?

There may be some bits of config left on the FOG groups, any circuits

Best way to see what is actually in the config is to check in the IOS view to see what is there, a bit more up to date than the CTC view

It has been fully powered off and same error occurred after boot up.

All circuits have been removed

What's the default password of IOS mode, I use the same as CTC default,  but failed to login

But as mentioned in configuration guide, FOG is only configurable in CTC mode, not even in IOS mode

Any debug procudure to follow?  we do not have any problem on another set of CPT600 running with same configuration and setup

Thanks for your advice

Should be able to login with CISCO15 password or whatever you added

I see FOG (fanout-group) group under the interface in IOS


interface TenGigabitEthernet4/1

no ip address

carrier-delay msec 200

no keepalive

fanout-group 36

soak link notification 10

l2protocol peer cdp lacp

l2protocol forward stp vtp dtp pagp dot1x


You should probably open a case if you cant delete the FOG, should be easy. Must be some lost config somewhere

Note Even in IOS mode, the following configurations can be performed only through CTC: • Creating a Fan–Out–Group (FOG) • Provisioning Pluggable Port Modules (PPM) and port • Viewing performance monitoring parameters • Configuring and monitoring Optical Transport Network (OTN) settings • Modifying Ethernet settings and alarm thresholds • Viewing Alarms • Creating a provisionable patchcord • Performing In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)

Perhaps, we can delete in IOS mode and create in CTC mode......

any key element to check with?

Is the default login for IOS mode CISCO and password in lower letter?

If this CPT was part of a network configuration and then removed from the network and someone deleted circuits, etc. You can get stranded provisioning. Which may need a Cisco TAC ticket to clear up. CPT should be connected to its neighbors when provioning circuits so everything gets added/removed. I guess there was some provisioning to the FOG group that was not nicely removed

The suggestion to look at the IOS is only to see whats there, it may give a hint to what is happening. Some things should not be provisioned there. For example is the FOG group showing up in the IOS interface. You dont want to try to delete IOS mode, its another view of the same thing, not something separate. If you are not sure of the architecture you should get assistance, this is not a 'regular' Cisco switch

You should be able to get to IOS view with the same password you get into the CPT with CTC view, if not you may need a TAC ticket. Possibly a password recovery would get you access to everything