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mohamed fayz

Dear All,

I have one doubt for cisco N5k fcoe.

I am modifying all my default ethernet mtu to jumbo mtu 9216 using the below command.

policy-map type network-qos N5K-JUMBO
class type network-qos class-fcoe
pause no-drop
mtu 2158
class type network-qos class-default
mtu 9216
system qos
service-policy type network-qos N5K-JUMBO

Now, i have to set my N5k for fcoe traffic. as per the cisco document, it says i need to reapply the default system service profile for fcoe to work.

In my case, my fcoe is already enabled in my N5k and i added on policy map above for my jubm mtu for all n5k ethernet interfaces.

But, as per cisco doc it says, i have to reapply again the qos service policies  if i modified the default policies on the system qos.

Please need your suggestion, attached is the screen shot saying to resotre the default qos policies.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

First, The FCoE system class (for Fibre Channel and FCoE traffic) has a default MTU of 2240 bytes. This value cannot be modified.

In your policy-map you configured mtu size as 2158.

And the document you shared it is asking to reapply default policy only when you want to restore the settings.

Restoring the Default System Service Policies

If you have created and attached new policies to the system qos configuration, you must reapply the default policies to restore the system.

So if you are using customized policy-map and its already applied then you are good to go.


Piyush Jain

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