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IP Replication Network

Hello everybody,i do have a quesiton regaridng design. in our company (medium size) it was up to now typical to have a dedicated storage network based on Fibrechannel. interrupt was done by FCoE but this was not a lasting solution. but it seems that ...

Data Center Power

I walked into a job with tripping breakers. I need to know the draw on DNAc, FMC/FTD, UCS.  They have 770W dual power supplies.We have two separate 30amp circuits that trip the breaker and it appears two rack PDU with 24 plugs where 22 are connected....

mlenco by Beginner
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HX stuck during upgrade

Hi guysI'm trying to upgrade the HX cluster but stucking in post-upgrade tasksI'm trying to upgrade the HX cluster as follows:1- HXDP from 3.5(2d) to 3.5(2i) as a first step and then to 4.5 as a final step2- ESXI 6.0 u3 to 6.5 U3  as a first step and...

VxLAN VNI to VLAN Mapping

Folks - this may seem like a pretty fundamental question, but the implementation details still escape me. While it is the case that VxLAN offers up to 16 million VNIs in principle, every time I see an implementation of VxLAN, there is a 1:1 mapping w...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Info Unicast to Multicast Question

HiWe are attempting to configure a switch on two Watchguard active / active firewall devices on a network that has Cisco SG 350 switchesWe don't know if CISCO switches support adding static ARP entries for a unicast IP to its multicast MAC addressCou...

alfredo86 by Beginner
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