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Finding out RCA for the Network Fluctuations at Server level connected to N5K's

Level 1
Level 1

Hi All

I'm having trouble finding RCA for around 100 plus server blades (7 IBM Enclosures) got network fluctuation causing some application stop on these servers.


Server-1 blades(14 no.'s)-->IBM Switch embedded (L2)-->Port X/Y of N5K(each port X/Y is a member of Port-channel XX)

Server-2 blades(14 no.'s)--> same as above-->Port X2/Y2 of same N5K

-----list goes on to Server 7 Connecting to same N5K (2 no. in Redundant fashion)

Suspecting issue:

 At same time, a team member was doing troubleshooting on a Port-channel which is not related to these enclosures Port-channels but on the common switch A. All enclosures Port-channels and troubleshooted Port-channels have same Vlan running in deep down to Servers.

Now my question is

1. if some-one doing shut, no shut of port-channel, deleting and then reapplying VPC for that PO, Creating new PO and VPC will effect another PO's and VPC's in such extent that around 7 PO's in that switch goes down and become member less of their respective ports.

2. How likely it is if some config changes in a neighboring VPC,PO's can cause malfunctioning of other PO's running in same switch.

PFA the toptology.

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