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MacSec between DCs with vPC



we have two DCs that are connected via WDM with layer2 connectivity. The connection between the two sites is implemented via vPC. The DC switches are Nexus 5672UP, running NX-OX 7.3(0)N1(1). In order to have encryption for the data trans-versing the two sites, we were thinking of implementing MacSec between the devices in the two datacenters. Is this achievable when vPC is implemented? 

Attached you will find a topology layout.


Please advise!




Re: MacSec between DCs with vPC

Hi Katerina, 


Did you ever resolve this problem ? I have the same question (using C93240YC-FX2 ) - I think this can be done, but I'm wondering if it can be done without both links going down at the same time. In contrary to IOS, NX-OS requires macsec to be configured on the portchannel instead of the underlying ethernet interface. This might trigger a VPC inconsistency. 


For example, starting with DC1 secondary, the portchannel between DC1 secondary and DC2 secondary might go down because:

- Macsec is not yet configured on DC2 secondary

- DC1 secondary is inconsistent with DC1 primary (VPC inconsistency)


Now when fixing DC2 secondary, at least MacSec between DC1 secondary and DC2 secondary is consistent. But the link might still stay down because:

- DC1 secondary is inconsistent with DC1 primary (VPC inconsistency)

- DC2 secondary is inconsistent with DC2 primary (VPC inconsistency)


If we then start with the portchannel between DC1 primary and DC2 primary, it will initially go down also because MacSec is not configured on both sides at the same time. This would bring the whole VPC down.

Anyone has experience with this, can it be done without downtime ? Will Macsec actually trigger a VPC inconsistency ?




Re: MacSec between DCs with vPC

Hello Guardi,


we have not yet implemented the solution, because we wanted to first try it in a lab, but we have not yet found a chance.

My understanding is that mac sec should be implemented on the physical interfaces and not on the port-channel.

An idea would be to remove the physical interfaces from the port-channel, apply the configuration on one link (both sides, with the interface shut). Open then interface, check it works, apply the configuration on the second link and then add them to the port-channel.


Good luck with what you are doing!

It would be great if you update the discussion whenever you get this working.



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