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VMware ESX 5.1 OEM Customized ISO

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Tired of waiting for the image to post to VMware's website? .. me too ... grab it here until it officially posts to the web, then I'll take this link down.

Enjoy. VIC drivers integrated in the image.

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Level 1
Level 1


I tried to get this customized 5.1 iso and I am getting an error from dropbox.  Is there another way to get this?  Thank you.

Hello Nemtallah,

I just downloaded it successfully.  Could have been any # of things causing your error.  I would try it again and if it still doesn't work we will find something that does.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager


I figured out (the hard way after tweeting and posting here) that Dropbox only allows 20GB of daily downloads. After you reach that limit, it shuts down public links on your account for 3 days. If you try again, it should be open again.

They are telling us that it will be posted *soon* on VMware's website.  The exact same image I have posted to the drop box account.

and i guess it helps if I login here first, so my name doesn't appear as "guest"

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The official image has been posted to VMware's website. Download it here ->

Now I can get back to using my DropBox bandwidth for my *secret* projects :-)

How long will it take for Cisco to post the 5.1 update 1 ISO?

Should be very soon now. I'll update here and with another post when it's uploaded.

Awesome can't wait!  Thank you!!

It's up there now.  It's got a date on it of May 30, but I hadn't seen it there until earlier this week.

Level 4
Level 4

Release date on VMware download portal: 2013-05-30

But just a dead link

Guang Yang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Could you please help to teach me where i can find net-enic driver version which containing in the  ISO image?