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i have only left 4 or 5 hour can anyone please me with this question i am confused...

The design document should include the following sections:
1. The introduction: describes the project’s purpose and the reasons for the network design.
2. Design Requirements: lists the XYZ organization’s all types of requirements, constraints, and goals.
3. The design: contains specific design information, such as topology according to network hierarchical
approach with the consideration of design principles, IP addressing or subnetting scheme, security
configurations, details of devices, and transmission medium.
4. Proof of Concept: lab results from the prototype model testing in the Cisco packet tracer.
5. The Implementation Plan includes the detail of your configurations and implementations of the new
devices and changes.
6. Appendixes contain a list of network devices, configurations, and additional information used in the
design of the network.
XYZ Corporation is requesting Network Design, Implementation and Configuration.
The following are the business and technical requirements.
1. The Network design must follow the hierarchical network structure model.
2. Single network for all types of traffic.
3. Should support link redundancy between all layers.
4. Should support fast transport between Distribution and Core layers via using multiple links.
5. Network Connectivity between all the buildings including the library and auditorium.
6. Support the internet module, which provides Internet connectivity (just design)
7. Access layer security (Port security).
8. No link loop because of circular shape design.
9. All the switches must be secured by a console and enable passwords.
10. For remote management, SSH Security must be enabled in all the switches
11. VLANs Per department
12. Inter VLAN routing using layer 3 switch
13. Consider the budget constraint of 50,000 USD.
XYZ Corporation Campus Area
Details of XYZ Corporation
No Buildings=5
Floors P/Building=4
Library hall= 1
Names of the Departments:
1. CEO Office,
2. COO Office,
3. CFO Office,
4. HR,
5. Finance,
6. IT,
7. Public Relations, (Receiption is working under this department)
8. Transport,
9. Procurutment,
10. Marketing and Sales.
Location of Departments:
Building A: 1- CEO Office 2- COO Office 3- CCO Office 4- CFO/Finance Department
Building B: 1- HR Department 2- Public Relation Department
Bulding C: 1- Procurutment Department 2- Marketing and Sales Department
Building 1- IT Department
Building E: 1- Transport Department
No of Users Per Department:
1. CEO Office: 3 Users
2. COO Office: 35 Users
3. CCO Office: 3 Users
4. CFO/Finance: 25 Users
5. HR: 5 Users
6. IT: 5 Users
7. Public Relations: 15 Users
8. Transport: 20 Users
9. Procurutment: 6 Users
10. Marketing and Sales: 8 Users
11. Library: Approximately 20 Users
Required Bandwidth for each user: 1000 Mbps

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Sounds like you want us to do your homework

I will give you a starter... A traditional network hierarchy would suffice refer to 'Hiearchical design model from Cisco CVD solutions then you plan at the access-layer how much port density you need based on the requirements. Obviously ensure you are considering - spanning-tree, resliency (port-channels) & where your L3 access will be.