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Mediatrace RSVP conflicting with existing RSVP deployment

Matthew Hall
Level 4
Level 4

I have read several places the Mediatrace utilizes RSVP as a transport, but I can't seem to find detailed information on how it is used.  The closest I can find is using it to build a path.

I'm curious, how is RSVP really utilized, does it use an application ID? I'm mostly concerened that it may impact our existing RSVP CAC deployment.  Since only PATH, RESV, PATHERROR, and RESVERROR messages will be recognized by policies, I take you don't utilize it in this way?


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Michael O'Brien
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Matthew,

The great thing about Mediatrace is that no RSVP configurations are necessary to get it to work.

As you stated RSVP is used to learn/trace the same path through the network as the media flow

you need to trace.  The RSVP trace mechanism is done automatically by mediatrace in the background.

No additional RSVP config's needed, unless you need to open a firewall pin-hole to allow RSVP messages

through.  RSVP is NOT reserving any bandwidth, only tracing the media-path and signaling router/switch

upstream to monitor the media flow you specify.

Use the following config to enable mediatrace on a "medianet capable" router or switch;

#mediatrace             initiator            {source-ip  ip-address  | source-interface interface-name} [force] [max-sessions number ]

#mediatrace             responder             [max-sessions                                   number                                   ]

If you are curious about the Mediatrace RSVP meassges you can some debug to see how mediatrace uses


#debug ip rsvp signalling

#debug mediatrace trace


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