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VPN Architecture Question

Raymond Brown
Level 1
Level 1




This is the example build I am trying to setup.  There will be 3 firewalls (Internal Systems, HQ, and Branch). The Internal System Firewall is behind another firewall that is connected to our ISP.  The internal Systems firewall does not have a direct connection to an ISP.  I need all traffic leaving the Internal Systems Firewall to be secured/encrypted.  Is there a different way to set this up?


If I setup a vpn tunnel from the Internal Systems firewall to the HQ firewall will the traffic be encrypted when it leaves the HQ firewall to the internet or is it just encrypted between the 2 firewalls? 

How would I setup NAT on the HQ firewall to allow a tunnel between the Branch and Internal Systems firewalls?

How would I setup Nat to allow access to a web server on the Internal Systems DMZ network?  I have multiple Public Ip Addresses that I can use.

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