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Catalyst 1900 Series Switches Enterprise edition Image


We have a cisco 1900 series switch with standard edition software. I have to upgrade to Enterprise Edition for vlan support. Where can I get the image.

Thanks in advance.

Harold Ritter
Cisco Employee

You can get this software at the following link on CCO:

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Thanks for your information.

The switch was shipped with Standard image ver 9.00.04. I have downloaded cat1900EN.9.00.06.bin image from the cisco site and I have upgrade it to enterpirse image ver 9.00.06. I have not found any vlan configuration option in this software. Which image I have to download to use vlan in the switch.

Expecting your reply at the earliest.

Thanks in advance

Hello Abdul,

cat1900EN.9.00.06.bin is the right image. You should see a (V) in the Main Menu, if not, something might have gone wrong with the firmware upgrade. I guess you have followed the upgrade procedure according to the ´readme´?




I will explain the way by which I have upgraded the image.

1. Pressed S - IP address of the TFTP server is given.

2. Pressed F - File name of the image to be upgraded is given.

3. Pressed T - For image upgrade from the TFTP server.

I have seen the "in progress" state of the upgradation. I have found the K - command line option after the upgrade and I am able to do command line operations. But the V - Vlan is not seen in the menu and not any configuration regarding the vlan in command line. As far as my knowledge is concerned, the upgrade is successful and correct. Is any other configurations to be done. suggestions please.


I have solved the issue.

I have done the upload without making the switch to factory reset. Uploading after reset has vlan configuration enabled on the software. Could you know any reason for the successful upload of the image without vlan if it is not resetted to factory defaults?. kindly tell me.

Thanks for your suggestions.

One more hurdle in my way is that we had dot1q trunks in the vtp server. when I try to connect the 1900 switch, it supports only isl trunk and the status of the trunk in between the switches has become not-trunking. Is there any way to map isl to dot1q vlans?. kindly help me in overcome this situation.

Thanks in advance.


indeed the 1900XL does not support 802.1q trunking, only the Cisco Proprietary ISL trunking. Unfortunately, you cannot connect 802.1q trunks to ISL trunks.



Thanks for your information.

Kindly clarify me some basic pricipals.

1. ISL and 802.1q are concerned only with trunking not with any vlans. Is it true or not?. If it is true, then vlan information can also be send through ISL trunks created between cisco 6006 or cisco 2950 and cisco 1900 series switches.

I have found that the ports are in trunking mode on both sides, but the vlan information is not received by cisco 1900 series switches. I found that the cisco 1900 series switch has vtp version 1 where as our cisco 6006 and cisco 2950 supports vtp version 2.

How can I overcome this version compatability in vtp to make the switches communicate through the trunks.