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scanning barcodes on the silver AP labels

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My company has been deploying APs for several years for a very large retirement company with campuses across the country. We have to record every MAC as they are assigned to rooms and the easiest way has been to save one of the labels that comes with each AP. The problem is that Cisco prints them on reflective silver surface so many of the barcode scanners we have tried will not work. If we were only deploying a couple dozen devices this wouldn't be much of an issue but we're talking about 2,000 units plus or minus per campus. So far we have had to manually record every MAC into a spreadsheet which is a time consuming nightmare. Will Cisco use different labels or even provide a suitable scanner given the number of APs being purchased?

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Leo Laohoo
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Boxes have the MAC addresses of the APs.

Due to space restrictions we unbox all the APs and consolidate 12 to a box and assign them to rooms later.
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