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Cisco Buisness Switch SG300-28P 28

Good evening everyone I am in need of some help, please. I have an SG300-28P 28 switch and I need to copy the configuration files from the switch to my Pc but I am having trouble finding any information on how to do it or what the commands are for th...

update my name in my profile

Dear Cisco,I need to update my name from Ahmed 0505593830 Alharazi to be appear after updated " Ahmed Abdullah Alharazi" my Cisco ID Cisco ID: CSCO14106177 i attached my legal ID thank you

Asa firepower URl Blocking

we add a specific url to allow from internal, but not working. if we add other urls in the rule are working . We dont see events on https on this url at all neither block or allow. Only icmp or port 80 if hit it and this is with allow event.

xariskk24 by Beginner
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problem with cisco business dashboard

I am trying both cisco business dashboard and cisco findit manager, while cisco findit detects 36 switches, cisco business dashboard detects only one switch. both are configured in the same mode. could you help me to fix this?

ventu87 by Beginner
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I have a 240AC  wireless network consisting 5 APs. I want to add 5 more to the same network But when I connect a new AP to same WLAN it doesn't it gets stuck in the boot process flashing amber, red and green nonstop           

IE 4010 Duel Power Configuration

Howdy,We are currently operating this switch with 120V line to neutral. Per our proposed design we are planning on using 240V line to line. Would the switch operate correctly if we did switched over?Another potential issue is our duel power supplies ...

PrimeGuy by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! WPA3-OWE supported by 150AX?

Hello,Does the 150AX support WPA3-OWE (Enhanced Open)? It's essentially an 9105AXI (ap1g8) with a modified version of EWC, correct? The 9105AXI does support OWE, but I can't find anything about the 150AX.We currently use 1815i APs with Mobility Expre...

Maurice_ by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! SG350X-24P-K9-NA uplink ports

Hello, I realize this is a forever ago question but I am needing some current confirmation on this switch before I build my network out.  So this switch has four 10-gigabit uplink ports - XG1 thru XG4.  Can I use XG4 to uplink to the router/firewall ...

EvanC75 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Routeur RV180 Certificat

Hello,I just bought a RV180w and I'm trying to access the administration interface via the web browser. Unfortunately I have a problem with the certificate which is not recognized -> I am blocked.Thank you in advance for your helpRegards

Nicolas38 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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