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Cisco MSP 2RU Beeping & not booting up

harpal singh
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Level 1

I have a New Cisco MSP 2RU Server which i am trying to configure. The problem with the server is that once I power it on it is continuously beeping.No window comes like other servers which i configured. It show insert boot device then press enter. I try to boot from bootable pendrive which comes with server, but its not working (failed). Power cord is ok, HDD and server serial no are also matching. I am new to these servers.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Level 1
Level 1

Hello Harpal,

How did you order this Server.  The continued beeping usually indicates a Power Supply issue or a Hard drive issue.

So if you are getting the "insert boot device"  Sounds like it didnt come built with an OS  on it or it is not recongizing the Hard drives or your Raid Array.

Do you see the hard drives as it is going thru boot process.

Can you boot in the LSI  Raid controller?

For it to boot from the Thumb drive recovery drive that comes with it you will have to change your boot variable and tell it to boot from the USB drive.