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Hello all, I have a location that is being closed temporarily, so no internet, etc.  As such, I'm now getting spammed with the fact that the cameras are down by VSOM.  I imagine if I had done the smart thing and disabled the cameras in VSOM prior to ...

jwood.ok by Beginner
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1. How to disable the use of protocols SSL2, SSL3 in Cisco RV325 ? Using dangerous. 2. How to disable cipher suites TLS 1.2 (1.1, 1.0) TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0x5)   INSECURE TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x4)   INSECURE 3. RC4 in TLS is Broken. 4. Ho...

I've manually upgraded the firmware on a couple of our cisco cameras on an as needed basis using the utility embedded in the camera. Is using the camera's interface to upgrade the camera's firmware recommended or is there a better mechanism perphaps ...

mgreene by Beginner
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Some of our customers use an access control system based on Cisco Physical Access Manager 1.3, 1.4 From Thursday / Friday (07.19.2018 - 07.20.2018) with CPAM global problems have begun.All Cisco Physical Access Gateway controllers are no longer conne...

 Hi,  I am facing a issue while adding media server to VSOM,  (version 7.2.0 ) it gives me the following error  Operation failed: Duplicate alternateid, another media server VsomServer exist with same alternateid even the same vsms server doesnt exis...

Hey everyone I am hoping to get some help. I inherited the camera servers a few years ago and we are slowly replacing them, but I have one vsom that is being over-subscribed. I have moved all cameras on that server to another; hoping that all old rec...

R1 ( AS no- 100) is having e-bgp peering with R2 (AS no- 200) BGP Is up and running in between one of the network ( is advertising by R1 towards , R2 is accepting the same .But when i check the routing table on R2 i am not seeing that net...

I have configured one site to site vpn. Both phase 1 and Phase 2 seems to be up but I am unable to ping peer ip.  What may be the issue? Is there any chance other side may be blocking esp packet over protocol 50 ? PS DEBUG IS not allowed as per guide...

tanmoymm91 by Beginner
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