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IPICs 4.0(2) Tone Descriptor File


I am having issues creating a "Tone" descriptor file.  I cannot seem to find any examples where one uses the ExampleToneSet.xml to create a DTMF Tone Set that can be assinged to any channel for sending a DTMF tone set to a radio programmed correctly.

I have attached the XML file. The goal is to send the DTMF sequence of 1290.  Any help or guidance would be really appreciated.



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John Gillich


Below is an example I that I use.











Change the names to your wave files, then save the file as an .xml.  Zip the file along with the wave files, upload the zip file to the server.

John - thanks for the response.  I have Alert Tones setup much like what you have above but this doesn't work to pass DTMF tones so that base station radios respond accordingly to what tones are passed.  The image below shows that section where Cisco informs me I need to have setup so I can assign them to a channel.

The type is "Tone" which later I assign to the following section of a channel as shown below.

This then enables the channel to have a specific DTMF tone in my case to be sent to the base station on the far end.  I just can't figure out the correct syntax to configure this ExampleToneSet

Thanks again for your response.

Paul, I will have to get back to you on monday. Can you send me the Tone file so I can test it in my lab?

John, I am using the ExampleTone.xml that I downloaded from the Descriptors section under Configuration.  The goal was to figure out how I can get the DTMF tone of 1290 built.  I have attached the file as well.  Thanks in advance.


DTMF from the IDC does not work with 4.0(2)


A defined signal with tone and DTMF does not play the DTMF portion

This is due to the wave engine not supporting DTMF at this time. So if you attempt to send DTMF tones from a control function or signal, nothing will happen.

I am checking in to when this will be fixed or if there is a work around.

I also attached an example that the developer uses.

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