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VSOM Scheduler Issues

Working in a school district we have cameras in our gyms that by contract cannot be on/recording during school hours.  The cameras are set for full time recording(archive) - motion detection for us was way to hit or miss to use it.  So I'm looking into how the scheduler might be of some use for us with VSOM 6.3.2.

Can I set the operation of a camera (Cisco 2500) to record on a schedule? 

I tried denying access to the role that my vsom users use to those camera feeds, and then creating another account that has access to them.  I created a schedule, which by design should only run during after school hours.  I apply that schedule to the user but that user can login at anytime.  I understand that this is only for viewing and not recording/archiving but I really have two issues I need to try and tackle

1. can I schedule the cameras to record when they are set for full time recording (non-motion dectection/no event)

2. how do I correctly setup the schedule to deny a user access to the system during certain hours?

I am attaching some screen shots for the scheduler and user config.  The user, HSNight can logon at anytime at this current config.

Thanks for any help.


Ok, Update:

version 6.3.2 allows you to do scheduled archives.  I have successfully done that.  Done

As for schedules and roles/users - done.  Not sure why, it just took a while for that to "happen".  I had created the schedules and the users/roles. I applied the schedule to some users and now when the schedule is not running, the accounts are disabled - good thing.

If anyone from Cisco out there can maybe give me a definitive answer on that time period from creating the user/assigning a schedule to it till when it takes affect that would be great.