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VSOM Storage Restructure Sanity Check


Greetings all,

I inherited a VSOM environment that is in a suboptimal state and I'm looking for pointers to get it back in order. This was an old install base originally deployed on 7.6 (or thereabout) and running 7.11 when I took over. I upgraded to 7.14.4.



Version: 7.14.4 (installed from fresh OVAs and data/media partitions from prior 7.11 install imported)

One VSOM server and three media servers, no HA

Each media server has several 10-15 TB media partitions, backed by Fujitsu and Compellent SAN arrays

Cameras set for continuous recording with 30 day retention

Space verification DISABLED on all templates
Storage %: 98
Storage Estimation: 1


Most of the media partitions are oversubscribed and full, and I'd like to get that under control. I also need to migrate off the Fujitsu storage onto Compellent, so I figure this is a good time to get it right. I have a lot of storage available, so there is a buffer for moving things around.

My rough plan is to do the following, one media server at a time:

  • Deploy new media server with only Compellent storage, adding one media partition at a time to fill them serially
  • Gradually switch cameras stored on a given partition to a template with space verification enabled and move them to the new media server
  • Add additional media partitions as needed (assuming it will be made obvious that a partition can't take any more)
  • Repeat until all cameras are migrated
  • Shutdown old media server when all retentions expire

Does anyone see a glaring problem with my planned course of action, have any tips, or know of gotchas I'm likely to face?
Also, what is a recommended value for storage estimation? The documentation is sparse and unclear.

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