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ASA 5512 drops connections after every 4 hours...!!

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Level 1

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to figure it out but unable to know what's the problem.  My ASA is connected to comcast modem directly and everything was working normally when I first installed it but after 4 hours (approx) I can't reach the internet. but my interfaces are UP. I have interface reset and CRC errors on my external interface..!!  collisions and late collision on my internal interface...

One more thing i would like to mention here... I was able to ping from commcast modem but couldn't do that from Local LAN and ASA as well

my network is pretty straight forward...!         Comcast modem <---------->ASA<--------------->Local LAN

I had to reboot my comcast modem in order to get the ASA work properly

can some one please help me...!!




Who Me Too'd this topic