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Need to assign More IP's using RV325 Router

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Level 1

Hi all. I'm new to Networking at this level so any help will be greatly appreciated. I have scoured for information about this but nothing seems to pop out at me, at least that's to say nothing I understand about what I may have seen previously appears to match my needs.

I am a computer security consultant. Though I have previously applied minor networking fixes within residential settings, I do not normally apply my networking abilities (or lack there of) in larger settings that require more resources but I now find myself in this situation.

Here's the layout;

I am working for an up start manufacturing facility in my home town, they have about 50 workstations that comprise of laptops, desktops, printers and mobile devices. There are no current plans to deploy a Server, at this point, the plan is to simply run a SOHO network (I'm not a fan but whatever...). As this is an "up start" company, there is a budget concern so if I can limit this task to the resources currently available, that'd be great but if the suggestions are for more resources, I suppose I'll have to deal with it!

The Network gear currently available (That I have been tasked with setting up);

1 x Cisco RV325 - currently connected and being used

1 x TP link TL-2452 Switch - not currently being used

The request is to provide more than 50 DHCP assigned IP's to the network so that all devices can communicate and share/access the internet and each others resources as well as access a backup hard drive that is connected directly to the router. 

Currently, without using the switch, we can provide IP's to 50 devices. The question I have been asked is, without deploying the switch whether or not the router itself could serve out more DHCP assigned IP's to devices within the logical segment and have all devices see and communicate with each other regardless of the number of devices. If this is possible, I'd like some pointers on how this can be done and or directions to the nearest documented resources that can assist me in this venture. 


Thanks in Advance

Who Me Too'd this topic