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APIC and Open stack Integration- VM's are not getting IP assigned by DHCP

Hi ,

we have integrated our openstack enviornament  with APIC ; but VM's are not getting IP; we are able to see the IP assgined in openstack horizon dashboard and we need to configure it manully to the VM interfaces to make it work.

Setup Information:

We have installed all the components of openstack in one server(Controller+Network+Compute1) and connected to leaf101 and we installed compute on other server and conncted to leaf 102.

we have booted the VM in both compute1 and compute2. But dhcp IP not getting assigned to the VM. 

Please suggest if anyone has worked on openstack integration with APIC.

Openstack : Juno 

2 spine and 2 leaf switches with 3 APIC controller.



Who Me Too'd this topic