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Contract data inconsistency between SN2INFO API and CAA

Level 3
Level 3

We're a Cisco PSS partner and MSP.  Currently I'm using the SN2INFO API querying a serial number and getting back contract details (specifically, Get Coverage Summary by Serial Number(s)).


Using the API, with the results I always get "is_covered" YES or NO, and sometimes "service_contract_number" is empty.  The API note says:

Note: If no connection is found between the user, contract, and device, this method displays data only for the following fields; all other fields are visible but display no data:

  • base_pid_list (and associated children)
  • is_covered
  • orderable_pid_list (and associated children)
  • sr_no
  • warranty_end_date

Additionally, using Cisco's Check Device Coverage tool at yields the same result (shows it's covered, but no contract details).


However, when I import the same serial number into Cisco Active Advisor tool at, it shows me contract details like contract # and service line.  Why is that?  What is the criteria for if a "connection is found between the user, contract, and device"?




Who Me Too'd this topic