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looking for direction for setting up my first vpn


This is not for small business, but i believe what i want to accomplish falls under the technologies of small business.

I would like to set up a vpn linking two households into one network. Both homes use time warner roadrunner to access the internet. I would like to set up a vpn using 2 endpoint vpn routers, one at either house. I would further like them to be wireless routers with usb for the purposes of networking external hard drives.  I was on another site that recommended the E3000 router as a vpn router, but it sounds to me like it's just a pass-thru, leaving me reliant on software for the vpn. I want to have a full hardware vpn, and mainly would like to know which cisco products would serve my needs. I think I can work my way through the actual setup and configuration once i know what hardware i need to do the job...guidence here would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Clayton Sill

Hello Caleb,

I am pretty sure there isn't any Small Business devices that will have a USB port for external hard drives. Some of the routers but not for that purpose. You are correct though, the E3000 is just a VPN pass-through.

There are many devices that you can choose though to be able to do what you would like, its just based on the price point and what other features you are loooking for.

You have the RV110w, the RV120w, the RV180w, the RV220w (In order from cheap-to most expensive). These all do wireless and you are able to set up a site-to-site VPN to connect two routers with a VPN connection. I recommend checking out the data sheet for these devices to see what other features you may want. The RV110w will allow only one site-to-site VPN on the latest firmware for example. The others usually range between 5-25 site to site VPNs you can correct.

If you have futher questions please let me know!


Clayton Sill

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