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RV 042 router problems, no redundancy


I have problems with the RV042 router. Currently I have two Internet service is the first DSL service and the other is through cable. The problem is because the router is not doing the redundancy process. For example if DSL service fails, the cable internet service does not come automatically. You have to disconnect and connect manually to maintain the connection to the Internet. Should not the router do this automatically without intervention?

I appreciate the help you can give me.

Gabriel Maldonado

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Clayton Sill

Hello Gabriel,

     How is everything set up. Is it set up for load balance or smart link back up? Have you confirmed that the cable connection can actually get online? Kind of confused with some of your testing.

As long as you have it set to Smart link backup everything should work fine. If your Primary is DSL and the DSL goes down it will fail over to your 2nd wan which is your cable and when the DSL comes back up it will swap back to your primary automaticly without having to do anything.

Hope that helps


Clayton Sill

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