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RV042 VPN Problem

wael azzam
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Level 1

Hi ,all

I have Cisco router RV042 using it as  a VPN client access router  which on I create the VPN users that can access the vpn tunnel

At the remote clients I install Quick VPN  client software .

when start the client and start the connection , I get activity policy then verifyng network then I have message :

the remote gatway is not responding do you want to wait?

Note that :

-I have a cisco router 827 as an internet gateway for  the RV042.

-I applied the configuration as in the administration guide and when I get t his message I searched in the community about this     issue I found discussions bout it with no answered



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Level 7



Does the 827 allow all traffic to the RV042?


Usually this issue is caused by a third party firewall/antivirus software on the client PC. If you have Remote Management enabled on the router, log into it and check the QuickVPN user status after the connection is attempted. It is likely that you will see that the user is connected. If that is the case, then the router is replying to the ping requests from the PC but the PC has something blocking those replies so it cannot confirm that the connection is established.


- Marty

thanks for your help,

I tried this issue with blocked firewall and also disabled the antivirus  on clients PCs.

and configure the 827 to pass   any public IP traffic  to RV042 ,

and note that natting occures on 827