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RV110W DHCP reservations problems

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I have an RV110W which has repeatedly presented the following symptoms.

I  set it up as a DHCP server for its LAN ports. One of the LAN ports is  connected to an SF302-08P switch. I then have a few hosts on the switch.  I also enable the RV110W's WLAN. All the ports (LAN, WLAN) are in VLAN  1.

Every host is able to obtain a DHCP scope from the RV110W, whether on LAN or WiFi.

Then, I select a list of the DHCP leases, and assign them as DHCP reservations.

After  some time (unknown trigger or duration to wait for trigger), the hosts  that are part of the DHCP reservations are not able to obtain DHCP scope  renewals, nor are they able to obtain new DHCP scopes (post-reboot).  All hosts eventually self-assign a 169.x.x.x address.

A  router re-boot (power cycle) does nothing to alleviate the problem. I  use a laptop connected via either WLAN or LAN, and it cannot obtain a  DHCP scope. The SSID is up, and authentication (WPA2) still works.

I  finally was able to manually address the laptop, connect in via WLAN,  and was able to log into the router. From there, I selected and deleted  all DHCP reservations. Then all begins to work again.

Have not determined if a *new* host, not part of the DHCP reservations, is able to get a new scope.

Router details below:

System Information
Firmware Version: Model:Broadcom 5357
Firmware MD5 checksum:9bac23b79a6f4ec9aa59e1637ded04c1Serial Number:CBT15140ABY
Locale: en-US System Up Time:0 Days, 18 Hours, 9 Minutes, 12 Seconds
Language Version:
Current Time:01/01/10 06:09 PM
Language MD5 Checksum:

Any and all help is most welcome.



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