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RV180 and RV180W slow restricted download speed but not upload speed

I have a 300mbps capable modem that supports my 200mbps service. When I do a speed test connected directly to the modem I get full speed - 200mbps download and 20mbps upload. But when I do a speed test after connecting my RV180W router I get 20mbps upload like I am supposed to but only 15mbps download. I have installed the latest firmware and reset to factory defaults and there is no change. We have two of these, and both do the same thing - so it is not a defective device, unless there is an inherent design problem. Please advise.
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Good afternoon mc51299,


     I am sorry you are having problems obtaining the desire speed from your ISP.  Make sure you are in  the latest firmware If you are and still experience throughput issues, check the following:

- By default the domain name is Cisco under the LAN settings in the Router Networking Tab,  please change this to the name of your domain.

- Try disabling WAN traffic under the administration tab.   

- You can also try enabling WAN QoS under QoS tab.   But try the first suggestion first.


Please let us know if this increase your speed test results.   If you are still not able to get the correct speed, feel free to give us a call and we will create a case for you.


Best Regards,


Steve A. Amador 

Thanks - everything was already as you indicate it needed to be, except QoS was not turned on. Interestingly, when I tried to turn on QoS, the maximum bandwidth setting for the internet was 100mbps - but my service is 200mbps and this is supposed to be a 1GB WAN capable router. Please advise further. And if your advice is to call, please tell me which phone number to use. (I had been refused service before because the item was out of warranty.) Thanks!

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