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RV220W remote access/port forwarding issues

Scott McKenzie

OK.  Here it is.  Upgrading to RV220W.  Setup Custom Service (TCP & UDP) to allow VNC access.  Set Port 5901 to start with internal IP (10.0.0.XXX) set in Access Rules to allow remote login (VNC).  Static IP for incoming connection.  Firmware  DHCP Server enabled DHCP relay disabled as is DHCPv6 Server. NAT (IPv4) enabled.  Scanned ports w/the applet and all showed closed.

Access Rules source IP set to Any.  Status enabled (TCP & UDP for each 59xx port) Inbound WAN ->LAN.

VNC connections remain refused from outside.  Local ISP tech reviewed setting and saw no config issues but "something" remains either undone or blocking incoming.  Rebooted but have not power cycled.

Thoughts?  Ideas?

Thanks all.

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Rising star


The latest firmware is Should not make a difference in your case but there were some stability issue with

Can you reach the VNC server locally using port 5901?

Is the RV220W the Default Gateway of the server?

Have you tried forwarding any other service to any other device?

If you enable Remote Management on port 443 and scan with yougetsignal, does it show "Open"? If yes, try using port 5901 for Remote Management and do the same test. (You may have to disable the Access Rule for 5901)

If the ports are showing "open" for remote management, then there are no issues with the ISP and the configuration is incorrect. In that case I recommend that you call support for configuration assistance or post screenshots here so we can figure out what is wrong.

- Marty

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