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Setting up RV180 with Verizon FiOS

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Level 1

Looking for help setting up the RV180 behind the ActionTec MI424WR-GEN2.  At the same time I want to be able to VPN into the network and be able to access objects.

Ideal setup:

Verizon ActionTec modem is primary network (192.168.1.x)

RV180 is secondary network (192.168.2.x)

VPN to 192.168.2.x network from remote locations (client-to-gateway)

I've tried asking for help from Cisco Support and was given the "we don't suppor that configuration" line.  They want me to put it in front of the ActionTec FiOS modem/router in which case then Verizon will provide zero support for anything.

Now, to add an extra twist, I do have STBs (Set-Top Boxes) connected to the Verizon FiOS modem/router but nothing special (i.e. no DVR or any stuff like that).

Anyone want to help me get this thing up and running so that I can have remote folks VPN into the network?  We work with data that needs to remain encrypted during transmission, hence the VPN.

I have forwarded ports 443 (TCP), 60443 (TCP), 500 (UDP) and 4500 (UDP) to the WAN IP of the RV180.  Network objects behind the RV180 cannot get past the router (it's in router, not gateway mode).  The RV180 can ping objects both on the WAN and LAN side, so it seems that the RV180 is the problem child.

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide!!!

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Level 4

Any reason why the RV180W is in router mode as opposed to its native Gateway mode?  if you port forwarding to the RV180W then in gateway mode it setup would still work fine. I'm Double NAT'd on my own lan with an RV220W behind a SKY Router since the Sky Sagemcom does MER (

With your router in Routed mode you will either need to manually add the route to/from networks you want or enable a routing protocol like RIP (RIP2 perfered)

The reason your clients cannot get out to internet is they dont know where the "Gateway" (internet) is.

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

Level 1
Level 1

Try this configurations options:

1. Fios Box (mounted on the wall) has coax cable to the antionec modem check this :
2. Fios Box (mounted on the wall) has an ethernet cable to the antionec modem check this:

3. Bridge mode (I have this in the office) :

If you have a coax cable from the ONT to the antionec modem, I recommend to make the antionec modem as bridge then you can setup your router normaly, Te new router can't be 'caz the antionec has that ip. We have Fios with coax cable in our new york offices and we use the bridge mode. We can see full speed download and upload. in Florida we have the ONT with a ethernet cable to the antionec modem so, we used the option # 2 which is the

easiest one to setup. here are another configurations if you need them

I hope it can help.