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Setting up VPN on WVRS4400n


Hi all,

I need help setting up vpn connection between my office network and home computer that runs Ubuntu linux with vpnc as a client.

What I did is I went to router's management webinterface -> VPN->IPSec VPN->

  1. then made a new connection (named yfd-vpn). I understand it will be a group name in client settings.
  2. local group setup was prefilled for me and it was
    • Local Security Gateway Type: "IP only"
    • IP address: (router's WAN IP address)
    • Local Security Group Type: subnet
    • IP Address: 192.168.yyy.1 (router's LAN IP address)
    • Subnet Mask:
  3. Remote Group Setup
    • Remote Security Gateway Type: Any
    • Remote Security Group Type: IP address
    • IP Address: zzz.zzz.zzz.137 ###this is my home router's LAN IP address. I am not sure if it should be put here. Maybe WAN address or LAN address on VPN host site with a different network parameters?
  4. IPSec setup
    • Phase 1 (left unchanged)
    • Phase 2 (left unchanged) except:
      • Preshared Key: {password} ### I understand this wil be a group password for client
  5. Created a user and assigned a password under VPN client accounts, made sure the user is "active".
  6. Attempted to connect from home Ubuntu terminal using vpnc-connect:

$ sudo vpnc-connect
[sudo] password for vlad:
Enter IPSec gateway address:
Enter IPSec ID for yfd-vpn
Enter IPSec secret for {password from item #4 above}
Enter username for {username from item #5 above}
Enter password for {username} {password from item #5 above}


vpnc-connect: response was invalid [1]: (ISAKMP_N_INVALID_COOKIE)(4)

So my question is what did I not do or did not do right?

Thank you.

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probably first time i didn't enter proper password because now error changed to:

vpnc-connect: no response from target

There are no logs on vpn server side as well

did I post in a right place? Maybe my post needs to be moved in more visible place?

This might not work the same way exactly, but it may help point you to the right direction.

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